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  • What are the key features of your technology ?
    Thermal cracking process having an operating temperature shooting not over 450 degrees Celsius High moisture tolerance – Raw material doesn’t need any processing before feeding it to the machine Practically No Sulphur particles in the output LDO No emissions of Dioxins and Furans – Particles whose presence in parts in billions may also cause cancer Unsegregated mixed waste can be handled and processed, optimally due to an intelligent catalyst 100% LDO of the total Oil output can be generated through tweaking the process High Efficiency e.g.: 10 tones plastic generates 5 tones of LDO and 1 tones of coke that can be sold commercially Presence of metal or rocks in the feed does not affect the process
  • What are the advantages of your system ?
    Pre-segregation of material is not a pre-condition Wet garbage and dry garbage can be handled with same ease Organic material can also be converted to valuable bio-coke Plastics converted to valuable petroleum products Plant generates own energy and needs minimal external power Environmentally friendly process Minimum requirement of water for cooing tower only
  • What are the Environmental Impact ?
    Non Poulluting No Dioxins Low PM Count Low SOx and NOx emissions Low Toxic Metals
  • What is the Energy Requirement ?
    Our system is self energizing
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