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Know Pegasus

Know Pegasus

We are the Pioneers of Decentralised Model for Urban Solid Waste
Management. We are Running Zero Waste to Landfill at GPRA Complex, New Moti Bagh, New Delhi for 6 years. We are focused on treating the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) at micro- level via our Proprietary Polycrack Technology thereby significantly cutting down the solid waste going to the landfills.

Our Technology has Converted Plastic into

40,000 Lts+

Oil Produced

50,000 KGs+

Plastic Recycled

8,000 KGs+

Natural Gas Produced

Our Founders


Ashok Chaudhary

Mr. Ashok Kumar brings over 28 years of exemplary professional experience combining technical expertise, extensive construction knowledge, management skills and strategies. He is committed for a Green Planet and his Latest POLYCRACK Technology can convert all Plastic Waste to Oil, GAS and Carbon​

Rajesh Mittal.jpg

Rajesh Mittal

With 25 years of experience in plastic waste management and converting plastic waste to fuel, Mr. Rajesh Mittal brings his entrepreneurial spirit to every initiative he undertakes.
He is passionate about preserving our earth and its natural resources for the betterment of future generations.


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